GOLD ORION Ltd. is dedicated to the highest standards of quality and customer service, and is vitally committed to ensuring the safety and protection of people and the environment. We address these responsibilities with rigorous training programs and corporate governance.

While we maintain strict compliance with Federal, state and industry certification requirements, our policy is to exceed them. We proactively and continually update our quality, safety and environmental programs, keeping pace with GOLD ORION's growth and diversification, developments in the industries we serve, and advances in maritime technology.

Our initiatives in these areas are driven by a comprehensive Safety Management System. The System organizes the planning, coordination, communication, and enforcement of a uniform set of policies and standards, which is documented in GOLD ORION's Operating Policy and Procedures Manual (OPPM). The OPPM is geared to all levels of operation - from individual job functions, through team procedures, through company-wide policies and initiatives - and is continually updated with input from GOLD ORION's management and employees at all levels. Compliance, training and continuous improvement are monitored and updated through regularly scheduled meetings, reviews, inspections, drills, exercises, and internal safety audits.

GOLD ORION's safety and operating procedures are independently tested, and are guided by risk management principles, best operating experience, and the most current information available. GOLD ORION is a Certified Responsible Carrier in the Responsible Carrier Program (RCP) of the World Wide Waterways Operators (WWWO).



GOLD ORION Ltd. (G.O. Ltd.)
Our office good secured, located
close to Riga center and Airport.
Good parking place.

Adress : 3 Piedrujas Street,,Riga, Latvia
Phone : +371 - 28813222
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E-mail : goldorion@goldorion.lv
E-mail : crew@goldorion.lv
License Nr.048/2011
Lloyd and MLC members ISO9001:2009