Without crew no ship, no ship, without ship, no incomings for ship-owners. Professional marine human resources it is the most important thing in shipping industry. Since old times, Latvia is well known in Europe, as a country of maritime reputation, with many internal ports and good strategic location.

Big leaders in shipping industry are employing personnel from different countries, but Latvian maritime personnel show already a great performance, a high qualification as seafarers in many types of sea industries. Shipping industry is increasing and with it is increasing question of manning. It is well known, that Latvian seafarer - is a well educated Citizen of Euro Union, with good English skills, with good working skills dedicated to his work and loyalty to his company.

Our mission is to provide a marine crewing service that is valued by our customers.

In the pursuit of our goals, we will be hardworking, honest, efficient, and loyal. In everything we do, we will first consider the safety of our fellow employees and the marine environment.

We will continually strive to improve. We will be creative and innovative in business; we will be vigilant and careful at sea. We will listen to our customers, to each other, and to our suppliers.

We will gauge our success by the success of our customers.



GOLD ORION Ltd. (G.O. Ltd.)
Our office good secured, located
close to Riga center and Airport.
Good parking place.

Adress : 3 Piedrujas Street,,Riga, Latvia
Phone : +371 - 28813222
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E-mail : crew@goldorion.lv
License Nr.048/2011
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