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About Gold Orion Ltd.

GOLD ORION Ltd. is based in 07.12.2009 in Riga, Latvia according to all new regulations and Marine laws. Our company is a new step in new Era of Crewing Recruitment and Manning services. We are a new generation of young, perspective and dynamic Latvian crewing agency which has been licensed and certificated by the Latvian Maritime Administration and Ministry of Transport.

The biggest advantage and a main plus of our crewing company is that we know exactly what each owner wants. We are using all our reserves to make each of our clientís seafarers pool individual. We are looking good possibilities to all our crew members to have a constant company, with constant vessel and constant crew and working conditions. We try to maintain the highest standards of recruitment and separation of seafarers in order to insure our clientís success.
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What we do

  • All document formalities
  • English skills testing
  • Flag state papers arrangements
  • Flight tickets arrangements
  • Visas arrangements
  • Training courses arrangements
  • Home allotment, Family allowance and accounting
  • Recruiting / Monitoring
  • Transportation
  • Hotel arrangements
  • Supply of work clothes and uniforms



ĒThere is one certain way to define, whether the person is fair - Ask him about it. If he tells "yes" at once it is clear that he the swindler.Ē


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GOLD ORION Ltd. (G.O. Ltd.)
Our office good secured, located
close to Riga center and Airport.
Good parking place.

Adress : 3 Piedrujas Street,,Riga, Latvia
Phone : +371 - 28813222
Skype : Gold Orion Ltd.
E-mail : goldorion@goldorion.lv
E-mail : crew@goldorion.lv
License Nr.048/2011
Lloyd and MLC members ISO9001:2009